EFI Cretaprint consolidates its expansion in China

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Continuing its international expansion, EFI Cretaprint has opened new offices in China, creating a big buzz in the Asian country, where EFI Cretaprint already had a large number of customers.

Over 100 people attended the official opening of the new headquarters of EFI Cretaprint in China, with the assistance of a large number of both Chinese and international media that covered the event, as the main ceramic companies in the country. Among the participants, owners and technical directors from leader companies like Lola, Marco Polo, Newpearl, Gani, Kito, Overland or Gaoming Shuncheng.

EFI Cretaprint expectations in the coming years is to continue the growth trend and continue to provide a large number of innovations that enable the ceramic sector to make a qualitative leap focused on new technology trends.