SAP Fruits One expands functionality and prepares for international market

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SAP Fruits One , the fruits and vegetables vertical solution developed by Artero Consulting Group on the SAP Business One platform, prepares to the international market.
More than five years ago, Artero Consulting group decided to invest in fruits and vegetables market through developing vertical solution based on the SAP platform for SMEs. Since then, the solution has been advancing and expanding it´s functionality to become the most comprehensive solution in the national market.

Initially the solution was developed in a major citrus plant in the province of Castellón, near Valencia. Then other customers were incorporated from other parts of Spain with different kinds of manufacturing vegetables and fruits. This caused the solution was evolving and incorporating new functionality. Currently the solution is suitable for any horticultural plant.
One of the main causes of SAP Fruit had good acceptance in the market was his complete system of data capture through bar code technology or RFID. This unique system on the market, allows calculate individual yields of each employee according to the strict rules established by the International Labour Office in Geneva.
In an increasingly competitive market, to know the individual cost per product depending on it´s variety, it´s caliber and workmanship, it is crucial to fix pricing. The result of the analysis of manufacturing times for each product (real and theoretical), the presence control for each operator in each section and the product data capture of the products made by each worker, provides vital information for the proper management of any plant horticultural .Currently, Artero Consultants work preparing the internationalization of the vertical solution.